Classification and application of flame retardants


Dec 28,2019



Flame retardant refers to the auxiliary agent that can make inflammable polymer refractory, mainly flame retardant for polymer materials. There are many kinds of flame retardants, according to the method of use can be divided into additive flame retardants and reactive flame retardants: additive flame retardants are added to the polymer by mechanical mixing flame retardants, mainly organic flame retardants, inorganic flame retardants and halogen flame retardants, non-halogen flame retardants; Reactive flame retardants are polymerized as monomers so that the polymer itself has a flame retardant component.

① Flame retardant of cotton fabric

Pure cotton temporary, semi-durable flame retardant finish - electric blanket, wall cloth, sand and other fabrics.

② Flame retardant of wool fabric

Wool has a high moisture return and ammonia content, has a good natural flame retardant, high standards also need flame retardant finishing. Pure wool flame retardant fabric is mainly used in aircraft cabin, hotel and other carpet, curtain, wall materials.

The flame retardant of polyester fabric and transportation, electronic and electrical equipment, furniture, building materials and other industries.