Main uses of calcium chloride


Feb 27,2022



Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is a common and more important chemical raw material in industry. It is divided into industrial grade calcium chloride and food grade calcium chloride according to its use, and into anhydrous calcium chloride, calcium chloride monohydrate (liquid calcium) and calcium chloride dihydrate according to its content.

Anhydrous calcium chloride is generally white or off-white porous block or granular solid, hygroscopicity is very strong, in the air easy deliquescent is also easily soluble in water.

Calcium chloride is widely used in various industries. Anhydrous calcium chloride as a neutral desiccant, in the industry can generally be used to dry gas, but calcium chloride only plays a role in absorbing water will not absorb the impurities inside; Calcium chloride adsorption speed and strong adsorption capacity, no environmental pollution and harmless to the body, so it is also widely used in the food industry; Calcium chloride can also be used as chlorine salt snowmelt agent, calcium chloride freezing point can reach -20℃ or so, in the water to dissolve chlorine salt after the formation of ice cubes, you can play the effect of snowmelt; Can be used for airport, highway, golf course, parking lot and road snow melt, the effect is good and fast snow melt; When the mass fraction of calcium chloride solution reaches 30%, its freezing point is very low, can reach the general solution can not reach -55℃, so the use of calcium chloride as a refrigerant is a good choice......