Study and implement the spirit of the 13th Party Congress of the city focused on the utilization of stock assets


Sep 07,2021



In order to deeply study and implement the spirit of the 13th Party Congress and welcome the 20th victory of the Party, on the afternoon of August 26th, the Party branch of Beihua Real Estate Company and the Party branch of the Enterprise Reform Department of the municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission carried out the theme Party Day activities jointly built by pairs in the Cultural innovation Park of Beihua Tengyi Xin Hall. With the theme of "Learning and implementing the spirit of the 13th Municipal Party Congress, opening a new chapter of the utilization of stock assets", the joint construction aims to promote the effective implementation of key projects of the utilization of stock assets of Beijing Chemical Group based on the Party construction and the main business. Peng WangXIAN, SHAN Shiwei, Yang YI, QU HanQING, DEPUTY DIRECTOR of Enterprise Reform Department of Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, LI Yong, member of the Group Party Committee and assistant to the General manager, as well as more than 30 Party members from the Group's Real Estate and Resources Department, Beihua Real Estate, Huateng Development, Huateng DanBI, Huateng Dongguang and other departments and units attended this activity.


学习贯彻市第十三次党代会精神  聚焦存量资产盘活利用


This theme Party Day activities are divided into two parts: concentrated visit and discussion. Gao Zhenyu, secretary of the Party Branch of Beihua Real Estate Company, introduced the transformation history of Huateng Yixintang Cultural Innovation Park, and presented the transformation achievements and industrial cultivation of the park in the form of PPT. Later, Party members from both sides visited Rongtang Comic Book Museum and visited some enterprises.


学习贯彻市第十三次党代会精神  聚焦存量资产盘活利用


In the discussion and exchange session, participants of the group made exchange speeches on the practical difficulties and policy problems encountered in the transformation and development of old industrial plants of Beijing Chemical Group and its affiliated real estate enterprises to revitalize the existing land. The RELEVANT comrades OF the Enterprise Reform Department of the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision AND Administration Commission, combined with the current latest policy interpretation, put forward constructive opinions and suggestions on the problems and solutions in the utilization of state-owned enterprises' stock land.


学习贯彻市第十三次党代会精神  聚焦存量资产盘活利用


Li YONG made a summary of the activity, that the theme of the Party Day activity is clear, at the right time, the discussion and exchange effect exceeded expectations, to the city SASAC enterprise reform Department comrades expressed heartfelt thanks. Next, GROUP real estate plate should accelerate the implementation of the group Party committee's deployment and requirements, the superior related policy spirit understand, use well. With the help of policy "East wind", properly solve the problems left over by history of tenure; We will make greater efforts in urban renewal and accelerate the high-quality development of the Group's property sector.